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Mirror Hate Mail: Reader Attacks Me, Says I’m A Salty Female Body Part

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Some male readers took issue with my description of Cenk Uygur, the liberal YouTube host who behaved like a complete asshole over the weekend when his American Airlines flight between LA and Miami was delayed for four hours.

The Mirror has chosen not to edit the letters for grammar, spelling or sense.

Steve C. writes:

Read hour [sic] article. You are one salty cunt! Lol. Can’t wait til your dumb ass gets stranded and lied to at an airport. And then barred from flying based upon the content of your salty cunt rothSTEIN articles [sic]

The Mirror: You’ve obviously been raised properly. (Yeah, joking.)

Gerald Smith was far more kind in his response, but no less demented and wrong.

Obviously Ms. Rothstein you live a charmed life without the treacherous and insulting perils the rest of us endure on a daily basis. The tired, hungry, frustrated crowd turned surly due to AA’s remarkable lack of information and diplomacy toward its apparently unvalued clients. As our current political landscape might well suggest, most of us are damn mad at this kind of ongoing treatment and we’re not gonna take it anymore – we are using our voice(s) to to speak out! The hapless agitators, Including Mr. Uygur, made inquiries on behalf of the greater good which went entirely non-responsive for some 5-6 hours by AA “supervisors”. This crowd would have been easily calmed with a respectful and honest “COMMUNICATION” and I think you know this. I can only wonder if your Boss compelled your story’s slanted disposition, I can’t imagine a well rounded, smart girl like you dreaming up this tripe-piece alone…

The Mirror: Gerald, I’d love to know what kind of “treacherous” things you’ve experienced in your life — and daily no less! That must be a really hard existence. And the assumption that I haven’t experienced anything as rough as a four hour plane delay. Hilarious. You are so funny. As for my boss, I’m pretty sure I have a brain and can use it to decide what to write. No one forces me to take dictation or to write that Cenk is an asshole. He is! Regards, Betsy

Gerald wasted no time in responding.

“My dear Betsy, surely you jest? Was your inquiry rehtorical perhaps? My daily “treacherous” trials and tribulations are surely not unlike anyone else’s – from nitwits at the DMV to correcting a Verizon billing error to receiving a parking ticket
that is an obvious and verifiable mistake to watching the outfall of citizens united on our political process. The difference being is that some of us try take the high road to manage these time and energy consuming difficulties with grace and charm (mostly); however, when confronted with stone-faced, non-responsive, empowered, rude or careless individuals in positions of authority, we vociferously speak out – as well we should! I did not assume, I assessed based on your written word and lack of compassion toward Mr. Uygur and the other hapless individuals seeking answers from AA. While your article surely demonstrates that you have a brain, it falls short of proving that you know how to use it.
Your powers of observation are limited to goat and the rider when there is an entire goat rodeo that provides the real story and context. lol It appears to me that Mr. Uygur shared the growing frustrations of the room caused by an i’ll equipped “management” team which turned petty and vindictive toward a select few after the fact. And all you can manage to is “Cenke is an asshole”!? Who is the real asshole Betsy. Regards – I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me…
If you keep this up, we may have to date.” 

The Mirror: My Dear Gerald, No, not jesting. I think it’s you who has led the “charmed life” because if you think a four-hour plane delay is so horrible then let’s see what a wimp you are when something truly difficult comes your way. Not that I want it to. You seem like a nice enough guy outside of your assholeish email to me. In other words, I’m sure you’re nice to your grandmother. I’m sure you take the trash out once in awhile. I’m sure you clean your ears occasionally. But that’s just a maybe. You probably have to be reminded 17 times to to take the trash out. There’s no problem with wanting answers in a situation like this. But to have Cenk and his big face and fat ass YELLING at these people who have no real control over the situation is ridiculous. And why can’t that asshole buy a belt? Why does he have to run through the airport minus a fucking belt? It was all for his ego — the ego of his Facebook video, etc… I mean, he could write American Airlines’ President…or head of consumer relations. In the situation, however, I think you have to act reasonably sane. Like not yelling shit over and over at the gate attendant and supervisors. You imply that I am the asshole with your “Who is the real asshole Betsy!?” question. But I stand by my original assertion: Cenk is the asshole. Regards, Betsy