Indy Delegates Receive Death Threats From Trump Fans After Criticizing The Donald

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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A number of Indiana’s Republican delegates claim they’ve received threatening messages from Donald Trump supporters after criticizing him in a recent Politico article.

According to a report from the Indy Star, the threats say that “the delegates are being watched and imply they could be targeted.” Others “send ominous wishes to delegates’ families.”

Craig Dunn — chairman of Indiana’s 4th Congressional district, and one of the 27 Republican delegates selected this weekend to represent the state at the national convention — is shocked at the response to his assertion that he would only consider voting for Trump if Satan was also running “and Donald Trump was the alternative.”

“Little did I know that in expressing your First Amendment rights, that they’d come after you so hard,” he told the Indy Star. “It’s very disappointing. I probably received 25 to 30 hate emails, phone calls and voice mails, posts on Facebook that I deleted. Now they’re hunting down friends of mine and posting that kind of stuff on their Facebook pages.”

Trump’s campaign has disavowed the “deplorable” threats.

“That should never happen. There’s no place for any kind of intimidation or threats in politics, especially in Indiana,” Tony Samuel, Trump’s Indiana campaign vice chair, said. “Anyone that’s upset with what’s going on with the delegate selection process should come out and tell their friends to vote for Donald Trump on May 3 so that Indiana puts up all 57 delegates for Trump and it helps him get to 1,237 so we don’t have to worry about a contested convention.”

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