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Corey Lewandowski Grabbed Michelle Fields’ Arm And Then Smeared Her Professional Reputation

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I’m being told that because the Palm Beach County state attorney isn’t prosecuting Corey Lewandowski for battery, that means he’s been “exonerated.” This is, of course, ludicrous.

Trumpkins are allergic to facts, and I’m always glad to be an irritant. So here’s a quick recap of what Lewandowski did. First he did this:

Then he did this:

First he manhandled a reporter, then he smeared her when she spoke up about it. He admitted to Fields’ editor that he did it — Hey, he didn’t know she worked for Breitbart when he shoved her around! — then claimed he didn’t admit anything.

If it was no big deal, why did he lie about it?

The only reason we’re still talking about this, over a month later, is because Corey Lewandowski wasn’t man enough to admit his mistake and apologize. David Aronberg, the same Palm Beach County state attorney who supposedly “exonerated” Lewandowski, also said this:

Acknowledging “international attention to this case, which doesn’t exist in just about any other simple battery case,” Aronberg said Lewandowski could have prevented the blow-up if he had only apologized to Fields.

“I think that had an apology been given at the beginning of all this, we could have avoided the whole criminal justice process for this matter,” Aronberg said.

That’s all it would’ve taken. That’s all Fields wanted. Instead, Lewandowski behaved like the cowardly bully he is. He and he alone is responsible for all of this.

Maybe that’s okay with you. Maybe you can rationalize it away. Go right ahead. But you can’t make me ignore the truth just because it doesn’t suit you.

Although I have to admit, Trump makes a strong case that Michelle Fields could’ve been a deadly assassin:


Update: Lewandowski now claims he tried to call Fields right after it happened. Was that before he called her a liar and smeared her reputation, or after?