Amazon Tries To Be Netflix

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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In 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime for $79 a year, with the primary purpose of offering free two-day shipping to frequent customers.

One year later, it unveiled Prime Instant Video, another bonus that came with Prime membership. While Amazon has recently earned plaudits for original programming of the kinds that critics like (think “Transparent” or “Mozart in the Jungle“), its real value comes in its vast library of classic movies and TV shows. After all, until HBO released HBO Now, Amazon Video was the only way non-subscribers could watch HBO programming.

In other words, Amazon Prime is a competitor with Netflix, and now you can pay for it like you would pay for Netflix. Instead of paying a yearly price (now $99), you can now get Amazon Prime — which includes the free shipping and video library — for $10.99 a month after a 30-day free trial.

Not someone who shops online? Well, you now have the option of only subscribing to Amazon Video, at $8.99 a month. Of course, the $99 a year price is still cheaper than paying monthly, but now you can see what everyone’s been talking about for only a couple months at a time.

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, this new price structure offers the perfect excuse to at least start a free trial. Check it out. You never know; maybe you’ll like it.

Amazon Prime — free 30-day trial

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