Scarborough: Democrats Are More Comfortable With A ‘Rigged System’ Than Republicans [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough argued that because Hillary Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner, the “Democrats are far more comfortable with a rigged system than are Republicans.”

During Tuesday’s “Afternoon Joe” on MSNBC, Scarbrough said, “The last two weeks have been absolutely masterful for Donald Trump when it comes to public relations. You’re getting ready to trounce everybody at the ballot box, you spend two weeks leading up to that talking how rigged the system is, you get them coming and you get them going. It’s like Bobby Knight having an undefeated Indiana bitching and mooning and whining about refs every game when he knows he’s going to wi the championship but he’s going to take any edge he can get.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘What Do I Know?’ The Whole System Is ‘Rigged’ [VIDEO])

Scarbrough argued, “I think Democrats, at least with Hillary Clinton there, it seems to me Democrats are far more comfortable with a rigged system than are Republicans.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘I Don’t Want To Play The Rule Game…We Live In A Democracy’ [VIDEO])

“If what happened in Iowa in the Democratic Party — where we still don’t really know whether Bernie won that or not. It looks like the Iowa Democratic Party rigged that as well,” Scarborough claimed. “Republicans just are too ornery, they wouldn’t have put up with it, the pitchforks would have come out.” (RELATED: CNN’s Tapper Challenges DNC Chair To Explain ‘Rigged’ Superdelegate System [VIDEO])

“Democrats seem more comfortable with an orderly process, where you rig the process, doesn’t matter who wins the process in Wyoming, it’s rigged, it’s superdelegates,” Scarbrough argued.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed with the rigging, suggesting the Democrats have “orderly rigging” of the election.

Panelist and Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin added, “That’s because the Democratic establishment and the Democratic echo chamber like the person that is winning the quote-unquote ‘rigged system.'”

Halperin continued, “The closest thing we have to this as a guide is what happened in Florida in the recount. Where the rules matter but so does the spin wars. And Trump wants to rack up a lot of votes, undermine the system rhetorically, try to do better against Hillary Clinton in head-to-head so if he does have to fight it out in Cleveland he has a lot of talking points to energize that base.”

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