Hillary Says ‘Amen’ To Supporter Who Wants Her To Use Executive Power To Prohibit Guns In Cars [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton had one word for a supporter who urged her on Thursday to use executive action as president to restrict citizens from carrying guns in their vehicles: “Amen.”

“We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars, you can’t bring cars in buildings that are not assured to carry them,” an audience member at a campaign forum in Hartford, Conn. told Clinton.

“We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston,” he added, referred to the actor and former president of the National Rifle Association.

“Whoa, let the congregation say, ‘Amen,'” Clinton responded.

The Democratic presidential front-runner did not expand on how she would go about curtailing the right of legal gun owners to carry firearms in their vehicles. No states currently have laws that ban the carry of firearms in vehicles outright. Some states do have restrictions regarding licensing and whether guns can be loaded while in vehicles.

In Connecticut a pistol permit is required in order to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle. Unloaded firearms can be transported by those without permits if ammunition is locked in a separate location.

Clinton’s apparent support for restricting guns in vehicles comes a day after she said that Americans “have too many guns.” (RELATED: Hillary: ‘We Just Have Too Many Guns…In Our Homes)

“On the streets. In our homes. In our neighborhoods,” she said at a gun violence forum in Philadelphia.

Clinton has focused heavily on gun control during her presidential campaign. She also said last year that she would take executive action to enact tougher gun laws if elected to the White House. That was before President Obama announced a set of executive actions placing restrictions on the sale of guns at gun shows and online. Clinton took some credit for the move, claiming that she spurred Obama into action.

But gun rights advocates have said that neither Clinton nor Obama have offered proposals that would lead to decreases in gun violence. Most gun violence is committed with guns that have been obtained illegally.

To mask the limitations of her policy proposals, Clinton has mostly relied on rhetoric. She’s been heavily critical of the National Rifle Association and other groups that support the Second Amendment.


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