Trump: We Need A Good President, ‘I Don’t Care’ If It Was A Democrat [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump says that America needs a good president and that he doesn’t care if that president is a Democrat.

During a campaign rally in Harrington, Delaware on Friday, Trump said that his family has asked him why he is running for president and he commented that, “I’d rather not do it. I wish he had somebody that was so good, I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat, I couldn’t care less.”

“If we had a great president who was a Democrat — we need a great president. We need a great, great president, because we are really in trouble.” (RELATED: Scarborough: Trump Has ‘Never Been A Conservative’ [VIDEO])

Regarding his daily schedule, Trump said, “I get up five and I travel to a state far away. And then I go to another state and another one and then I come home. I should be home by about one in the morning. And then I get up at six the next day.”

Trump also said, “It’s very simple. I love this country. This country has been so good to me.”