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#NotAllMuslims Plot To Attack FL Synagogue

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the bad things #NotAllMuslims are doing. But it’s important to pay attention, because #NotAllMuslims are doing the bad things. Also, Christians do bad things too.

Fox News:

A man’s planned explosive attack on a South Florida Jewish center was thwarted by the FBI through an undercover operation involving a dummy bomb, authorities said Monday.

James Medina is accused of trying to blow up the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center during Passover services…

The plot, Medina said in one conversation, would be to “strike back at the Jews, by going to a synagogue and just spraying everybody … It’s a war man and it’s, like, it’s time to strike back here in America.” Later, Medina called the plan “my call of duty.

“When I’m doing this, I feel that I’m doing it for a good cause for Allah,” he is quoted as saying.

Based on these quotes, it’s obvious what happened here: This man has played too much Call of Duty and it’s driven him insane. Video games are responsible for this. How else do you explain it?

Islam is the religion of peace. The overwhelming majority of Muslims have never killed anybody, and a lot of them probably don’t like it when people get killed. Did I mention that Christians do bad things too? Because Christians do bad things too.

Also, you’re a racist.