Jindal: ‘My Vote’s For Trump’

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Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he will “support” and “vote” for Donald Trump in a massive departure from his critical comments about Trump earlier in this election cycle.

In an interview wish Fox News’s “Hannity” on Tuesday night, Jindal called on people to vote for Trump arguing, “I would encourage all those conservatives and Republicans out there, we’ve had eight, now it’s almost eight awful years under President Obama. We can’t afford four more years under Hillary Clinton.”

Host Sean Hannity asked Jindal if he would work for Trump in his administration to which the Jindal replied, “Look, I’m not looking for a job in the Trump administration. I’m going to support him and vote for him.”

Hannity interjected, “That’s not what I’m asking. If he called to ask you to serve and it was a position you thought you could help in, let me ask the question that way.”

“Look, again, he is not going to call me to serve after some of the things I have said,” Jindal claimed.

“I think he might actually,” Hannity said. “Don’t be surprised. The phone will ring right after this interview.”

“I don’t want a job in the next administration,” Jindal insisted. “But I am going to support him. I am going to vote for him.”

Later, Jindal said, “If you want to see this country become each more dependent on government and more in debt if, then go and vote for Hillary Clinton. Otherwise– it’s binary now. It’s Trump or Clinton, my vote’s for Trump.”

This is a major departure from what Jindal had argued against Trump when he was still running for president this cycle. (RELATED: Bobby Jindal: Trump Hasn’t Read The Bible Because ‘He’s Not In it’)

In a speech in September of 2015, Jindal called Trump among other things “dangerous,” “a narcissist,” “an egomaniac,” “unserious” and a “gift” to the Democrats.

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