Former Democratic Congresswoman: ‘It Relieves Me’ Trump Will Get Classified Intel Briefings [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Democratic congresswoman Jane Harman says, “Actually, it relieves me” that Donald Trump will begin to get classified intelligence briefings.

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Craig Melvin on Thursday, Harman said, “I think he can learn about the complexities of some of these issues in a way he has not yet learned.”

“He’s never had, so far as I know an intel briefing. Hillary Clinton if she’s the nominee and Bernie Sanders because he’s been a long time member of the House have had these briefings. So they kind of get it,” Harman said. “One thing he’ll have to remember is if you’ve been briefed in a classified setting, you cannot talk about it, not to your staff or not publicly.”

Harman, a former member of the House Intelligence Committee said, “Actually, it relieves me” that beginning in late July, early August.

Her advice to Trump was to “zip the mouth” after receiving the briefing, adding, “My view is I want our nominees for president to have accurate, detailed, nuanced information. I think better policy comes from that.”

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