Sessions: Ryan Made ‘A Big Mistake’ Not Endorsing Trump Now [VIDEO]

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Sen. [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] blasted Speaker of the House [crscore]Paul Ryan[/crscore] calling his decision not to support Donald Trump “a big mistake.”

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Thursday, Sessions, who was the first senator to endorse Trump, said there are some members of the establishment that are having “difficulty dealing with [Trump’s] big victory so far.”

Dobbs said it was “shocking” to hear Speaker Ryan claim that he was “not ready” to support Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. (RELATED: Paul Ryan ‘Not Ready’ To Support Trump [VIDEO])

Sessions responded, “Well, the Speaker of the House is a big leader, and an important figure in the Republican Party. He calls on house members every day to stand with him in unity and needs to set a good example for Republicans.”

“I think this was a big mistake. I really do. And I’m really surprised, frankly, since he’d indicated he’d support whoever the nominee was.”

Dobbs replied that Ryan “is breaking his word, and a leader cannot lead when he does that. There is a man faced with 434 other members of the House who have to come together on a budget. He has not succeeded in pushing that forward, advancing that… The conservatives of the Republican Party are extraordinarily distressed because he wants to spend more, not less money.”

Sessions then called for leadership that actually “favors the American worker for a change, who listens to their concerns for a change, and they have legitimate concerns. Trump has been strong and clear. He’s had the courage to take on the establishment, and some of them [are] having difficulty dealing with his big victory so far.” (RELATED: Trump: I Didn’t Inherit The Republican Party, ‘I Won It’)


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