This Solar-Powered Wireless Speaker Takes Outdoor Fun To The Next Level

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Ever been at the beach or at a picnic and wished you had a wireless speaker to play your tunes? Or even if you’ve had such a device, have you wondered how you can keep the thing from dying? Or, a step further, how to keep your phone from dying as it feeds the music to the speakers?

Etón sells a single device that solves all of these problems.

The Rugged Rukus is a speaker system that is bluetooth ready (wireless!), solar powered (won’t die!) and smartphone charging (charges your smartphone!).

The Rugged Rukus is currently 48 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

The Rugged Rukus is currently 48 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

As the name indicates, the rugged Rugged Rukus can withstand the elements, and its ability to sound the music anywhere you go makes it the perfect summer companion. Plus, you’ll never find yourself searching for an outlet to charge your phone again.

The best news is: The Rugged Rukus is currently on sale. Normally, $77, it is available today for $39.99.

This speaker is about the size of your hand, perfect for travel. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever went anywhere without it.

Etón Rugged Rukus is on sale for $39.99

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