Former Big Ron Paul Donor Now Trump Delegate In California

Getty / Chip Somodevilla

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Peter Thiel — a co-founder of Paypal, board member at Facebook and prominent promoter of the libertarianism — is now a supporter of Donald Trump.

On Monday, Trump revealed his slate of delegates for California in district 12, which covers San Francisco. One of the delegates pledged to Trump is Peter Thiel. House Majority Leader [crscore]Kevin McCarthy[/crscore] is also a pledged delegate for Trump in his congressional district.

Thiel in 2012 donated over $2.5 million to a Ron Paul Super PAC, he said at the time, “The campaign really is for 2016. He added, “I think we’re just trying to build a libertarian base for the next cycle.”

And while he is supporting Trump now, in a 2014 interview with TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein, Thiel said Trump is “sort of symptomatic of everything that is wrong with New York City.” (RELATED: Peter Thiel On Obama, Bush, Drudge, Trump And More)