Laura Bush Wrote A Children’s Book

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There is something about being a politician’s wife that makes women want to write children’s books.

Callista Gingrich, spouse of Newt, is well known for her Ellis the Elephant stories, of which there are five: “Sweet Land of Liberty,” “Land of the Pilgrims Pride,” “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” “From Sea to Shining Sea,” and “Christmas in America.” (Mrs. Gingrich has released a new Ellis the Elephant book each fall since 2011).

Great book signing tonight at the @DoylestownBooks. Thanks to all who came!

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Now, former first lady Laura Bush is out with her second children book, “Our Great Big Backyard.” Like her first stab at the genre, “Read All About It!“, “Our Great Big Backyard” is co-authored by her daughter Jenna Bush Hager.

Laura Bush wrote a children's book (Photo via Amazon)

Laura Bush wrote a children’s book (Photo via Amazon)

If you are looking for good wholesome children’s books to read to your kids, you could certainly do worse than Laura Bush’s. When you consider at the other dreck out there, it’s probably best to stick to the authors you know.

Laura Bush raised two lovely daughters while also serving as first lady of the United States. She has earned trust when it comes to educating, not corrupting, this country’s next generation.

“Our Great Big Backyard” — $11.86 Hardcover/$12.99 Kindle

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