Liberal Investors Try To Eliminate Donald Trump

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Unfortunately, this country contains many people who constantly fight against free speech and free enterprise. And if the past year has taught us anything, it is that these people do not like Donald Trump.

A contingent of Amazon shareholders petitioned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to blacklist the GOP nominee’s business career by withdrawing Trump line products from his site. The shareholders have taken specific aim at Donald Trump’s successful menswear collection.

Now is the time to stand up for the Republican candidate as well as for the free market. Donald Trump makes very fine clothing, and freedom-loving Americans should not allow Bezos and a gaggle of faceless investors sanction these products. The United States was founded as a free country, and its citizens have the right to buy the shirts, suits, ties and other apparel they so desire.

YOU can send a message to the liberal financiers who want to eliminate Donald Trump by buying Trump line attire on Amazon.

Show them how much these products are beloved and apply the market pressure to ensure they cannot unilaterally remove such a successful collection.

Check out the entire line of clothing and take a stand against the fascistic moneymen who think they can trample over this country.

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