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BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton, who did NOT twerk for justice. She just made it look like she did.



Hollywood Reporter news director trying hard to not be an asshole

“Be nice to people or you’ll end up the old person at the nursing home with no visitors, I was once told.” — Joe Bel Bruno.

HuffPost Editorial Director Says Cory Lewandowski will be tough 

“He’s a tough dude who is going to vet those people like no one you’ve ever seen.” — HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman on MSNBC Tuesday morning on Lewandowksi’s new role leading Donald Trump’s VP search team.

Journo says Obama barely mentions his white mother

“Funny, on Mother’s Day you realize how rarely Obama mentions his white mother. He’s half white, half black. Perfect to talk race. He didn’t.” — Joseph Curl, senior editor, LifeZette.


ICYMI… Conservatives finally get serious about politics, boobs. I ran it late night. See here.

Punky teen journo thanks mom for pushing 

“Bought some #MothersDay flowers. Least I could do. Thanks for pushing, Mom – in both life and the hospital.” — CJ Pearson.

Journos geek out with poll talk: HuffPost‘s Sam Stein says calm down

Sargent: WaPo; Shepard: Politico; KleinWashington Examiner; Rob Green: HuffPost

GREG SARGENT: I wonder if the straight-shooter columnists that are hyping the Q polls today will also note this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.37.09 AM

STEVEN SHEPARD: I think the Q polls are a little too Republican, but both could be accurate as snapshots in time, no?

GREG SARGENT: But some writers actively cherry-pick and highlight only certain polls, with no methodological explanation

PHILIP KLEIN: Another factor could be that Trump sealed nom since NBC poll, possibly bringing Rs home.

GREG SARGENT: Let’s stick to averages. Q poll presupposes whiter electorate than 2012, according to some.

SAM STEIN:  Guys. let’s pace ourselves. we have 6 months of polls to get energized about.

PHILIP KLEIN: No. We must hash this out immediately.

ROB GREEN: You are all great, but please, I beg you, SHUT UP ABOUT THIS.

The Observer: ‘casual transphobia’ will soon be a thing of the past

“The casual transphobia of the present day is going to age exactly as well as the casual homophobia of 5/10/20/30/etc years ago.” — Spencer Ackerman, the Guardian‘s U.S. National Security reporter.

Everyone’s got their strong suits

“I’d say my #1 skill is fake candid laughter in wedding party photos.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Overheard in the newsroom…

“I’d like to give you some gentle criticism…” — Anonymous. 

Breitbart News‘ Milo Yiannopoulos changes his name

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.47.46 AM