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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Memorial Day is almost here. That means a day off, barbecues and — most importantly — remembering those who have fallen protecting this great nation.

Recently, I have done a lot of pondering on how I could better express my patriotism. I keep going back to an anecdote an old coworker once told me. He had recently moved, and he was frustrated about the delay in putting up the flag pole in his new house. I could not help but wonder why he was so irked. He answered my inquiry pointedly: He did not feel comfortable living anywhere that did not have an American flag prominently displayed.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how right he was. So many people in this country pay lip service to this country but do not take the extra step to show it. We really all should have an American flag. We should all show our gratitude for what this country — and the men and women who built it — has given us. Memorial Day is one day devoted to honoring the people that made this country great, but we have the ability to honor these patriots each and every day.

You can get a quality American flag online on Amazon. When acquiring an American flag, it is pretty important to make sure it was actually made in the U.S.A. Too many foreign suppliers try and pass off their wares as Americana. The company Star Spangled Flags makes the best flags out there, and their American flags are top notch. The stitching is beautiful, and the flags are durable enough to survive any weather. Flying an American flag is the surest way to demonstrate how proud you are to be an American 365 days a year.

American Flag 4×6 — $36.97

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