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“Excited to be in DC for @qlnational media day and to kick off @quickenloans Shot For Heroes.”

Tiger Woods.



Memo to George Stephanopoulos

“@GStephanopoulos should not be allowed to cover his former boss @HillaryClinton. It’s a joke and @bensherwood should be fired for it.” — Richard Grenell, former campaign aide to Mitt Romney, media critic. “It’s 7:08 am and @GMA & @GStephanopoulos have been running anti-Trump stories the entire time.”

Liberal columnist: Don’t blame Obama for Trump

“Saying #Obama’s responsible for The Donald is sad, very weak.” — WaPo‘s EJ Dionne.

Something boring about Anthony Weiner that doesn’t involve his penis 

“Murky at Best was the name of my ska band in high school.” — Anthony Weiner, failure, journalist, ex-politican.

Jamelle Bouie goes after the late Andrew Breitbart 

“Shocked—shocked!—that Breitbart is now stormfront for millennials. It’s almost like a website founded by Andrew ‘I built my fame by race baiting a black civil servant’ Breitbart would attract trash people. What if I told you…that Breitbart was always trash?” — Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent, Slate.


Cupp works for CNN; Stranahan writes for Breitbart News. 

S.E. Cupp: “Silicon Valley and conservatives have lots of issues in common. Excited for my meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on Weds to find common ground.”

Lee Stranahan: “It’s not about you finding ‘common ground.’ What is the common ground on dishonesty and censorship?”

Female journo fights for a man’s right for cheap beer

“Went to a bar tonight where men were charged $3 more than women to get in. Men should protest.” — Katie Pavlich, Townhall.

Quote taken entirely out of context

“You dopes deserve my stupid jokes.” — CBS News’ Will Rahn.

NYT‘s Blow promos story on penises 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.12.27 AM

Mediaite‘s writer accuses Mark Halperin of being pro sexual assault  

“With the media narrative over the New York Times‘ piece on Donald Trump‘s treatment of women still gelling, the Morning Joe crew has firmly ensconced itself on Team Trump-is-a Pig-So-What’s-the-Big-Deal, led by chief narrative spaghetti-thrower Mark Halperin.” — Tommy Christopher in this story.

Benny Johnson on life: Senators from opposing parties can get along 

“I attend Mass on Capitol Hill, across the street from the US Senate. I witnessed something today that I wish more people could see. There were two well-known Senators sitting close by each other in a pew (I’ll leave their names out here.) Both members of opposing political parties. One of these Senators is in the midst of re-election & being savaged daily by ads ran against them by the party of their fellow parish member. The other Senator is elderly & was prone to shaking throughout the service. When the Mass had ended, the elderly Senator almost fell over attempting to leave the pew. The younger Senator leaned in quickly, hoisted the other up & clasped tight their hand. They shuffled, arm-in-arm down the wooden aisle, quietly joking to one another as they left the Church. Just a subtle reminder that your political party matters far less than who you are as a person.” — IJReview‘s Benny Johnson.