Seven Possible Vice President Picks For Hillary Clinton

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Hillary Clinton has all but wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination and now she has to pick a running mate.

Here are seven possible choices for Clinton.

Massachusetts Sen. [crscore]Elizabeth Warren[/crscore]

Warren has been in the news for the past week or so for her ongoing Twitter feud with Donald Trump. According to a recent report, members of the Clinton campaign have taken notice. A Clinton adviser said, “very influential people in the campaign pushing for her.” Warren brings progressive bonafides and could help unite the party as Sanders supporters are so far hesitant to fall in line behind Clinton.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro

Even before the primaries started Castro was floated as a potential VP pick. He is young, Hispanic, and charismatic. Castro has reportedly been brushing up on his Spanish in preparation for a role in reaching out to Latino voters. While the HUD secretary certainly makes sense politically, Clinton might not make her decision on that basis. Paul Begala, longtime Clinton ally and adviser to Priorities USA Action told The Daily Caller, “Hillary will approach this decision through a substantive lens: if, God forbid, something happened to the president, who could step in?”

“So in addition to someone who could serve as president in a tragedy, she will want someone who can advise her; someone whose judgment, temperament and experience she values. This is not a political decision, nor should it be. And I fully expect her to approach it as a presidential decision,” Begala added.

Ohio Sen. [crscore]Sherrod Brown[/crscore]

Ohio is a key swing-state that Trump could very well win, Brown being one of Ohio’s senators is an obvious plus. However, there is more he could bring to a Clinton ticket. Brown voted against NAFTA and throughout his career has fought against trade deals. The Ohio senator could serve as a foil to Trump and secure the votes of white working class voters that could go for the New York billionaire. (RELATED: Swing State Polls Show Trump And Clinton Neck And Neck)

Virginia Sen. [crscore]Tim Kaine[/crscore]

A former governor, Kaine fits Begala’s description of an experienced running mate. Kaine comes from a swing-state like Brown and could help deliver Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes to Hillary. Unlike Castro, Kaine also speaks Spanish fluently.

New Jersey Sen. [crscore]Cory Booker[/crscore]

Hillary has to maintain the “Obama coalition” if she plans to beat Trump in November, and the black senator from New Jersey could help deliver that to her. However, Trump is already viewed unfavorably by nearly 90 percent of African-Americans, so Booker might not be necessary.

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez

The Labor Secretary checks off two key boxes for a potential Clinton running mate: Progressive and Latino. Like Kaine and unlike Castro, Perez speaks Spanish fluently. There has been much worry recently on the Left that Trump could get union support not typical for a GOP candidate, and Perez could quell these fears. Perez has also been calling for a $15 minimum wage since last August, an important issue among Sanders supporters.

Minnesota Sen. [crscore]Al Franken[/crscore]

Franken is a bit of a wild-card pick and certainly doesn’t fit Begala’s description of an ideal running mate, but he’s on this list for a reason. The former SNL cast member would be able to steal some of Trump’s thunder and would be an effective surrogate to attack the GOP nominee. When Rubio tried attacking Trump, The Donald said “he’s not Don Rickles.” Franken actually is a comedian like Rickles. On top of this, he is a progressive which would help bring in Sanders supporters. The Minnesota senator could also help stop Trump from winning in the Rust Belt.

Alex Pfeiffer