The Russell Wilson Feud With North Carolina State Just Went Nuclear

(FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Russell Wilson’s feud with North Carolina State is quickly escalating after Wilson trashed his former Coach Tom O’Brien during a speech.

Wilson, who eventually transferred to the Wisconsin Badgers, trashed O’Brien for saying he wasn’t good enough to play in the NFL and forcing him off of the Wolfpack’s football team. (RELATED: You Won’t Believe What Russell Wilson’s College Coach Told Him About Going To The NFL)

Wilson’s former teammate at North Carolina State Kalani Heppe hit back at the superstar quarterback in a lengthy Facebook post where he says, “Fuck Russell.”

O’Brien has also spoken out on the incident with people involved, but his kept his comments very short via text. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate Russell Wilson Scoring Big Time With His Engagement To Ciara)

It’s clear that the deep feud between Wilson and North Carolina State is far from over despite the fact it happened over five years ago. (SLIDESHOW: This Gorgeous Woman Might Be The Sexiest Girlfriend In The NFL)

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