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If You Need A Knife At A Strip Club, You’re Doing Something Wrong

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A man at the famed Washington strip club Camelot pulled a knife on an exotic dancer to make her go “upstairs” in the wee hours of Monday morning.



According to the local D.C. blog Borderstan, which covers a swath of neighborhoods in NW D.C. such as Adams Morgan, Logan Circle and U Street, the dancer got away from the criminal so she could “dance some more.” She smartly told security what was happening and police arrived and nabbed him. Brett Gonzalez, 27, can’t be having a good week.

“She smartly played it cool as not to escalate the situation until she had an opportunity to tell security,” an anonymous source told co-editor Andrew Ramonas.

In 2011, a bachelor party at Camelot ended up in what Washington City Paper called a “savage beating.” Bouncers apparently got confused and began beating the bachelor and threw him down the stairs.

The guy’s attorney said he looked like Frankenstein in his wedding photos.