Louis C.K. Whooped These Journalists Last Night On ‘Jeopardy’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Louis C.K. did not have much competition when he went up against two journalists from D.C. on “Jeopardy.”

On Wednesday night, the comedian and “Louie” star handily defeat CNN’s Kate Bolduan and Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart at the trivia game of facts, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“This game was a runaway for Louis, he couldn’t be caught,” host Alex Trebek said.

In fact at one point Bolduan reportedly became frustrated and joked saying “oh my god, I’m walking off the stage” after she answered using the term “dilute” instead of “dilate” in her response.

Capehart reportedly did not escape from having one or two embarrassments himself.

The comedian in the end walked away with $50,000 for his charity Fistula Foundation, while the journalists earned $10,000 and $14,800 for theirs.

In a video that “Jeopardy” posted on Twitter before the show, the “Louis” star said his biggest concern was that he worried the other two would be funnier than him.