Hillary: ‘Very Interested’ In Mark Cuban For VP — He’s Not ‘Pretend Successful’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton says that she appreciates Mark Cuban’s “openness” to being her vice president because he’s a “successful” businessman while Donald Trump is “pretend successful.”

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Clinton said, “I think we should look widely and broadly. It’s not just people in elective office, it is successful business people. I am very interested in that and I appreciate [Cuban’s] openness to it.” (RELATED: Cuban Would ‘Absolutely’ Consider Running As Hillary’s VP But She’s ‘Too Far’ Left [VIDEO])

Clinton claimed that she is “intending to look far and wide” for her vice presidential candidate. Adding, “I think that is the best way to find somebody who can really capture what’s needed in the county and business people, especially successful business people, who are really successful as opposed to pretend successful, I think have a lot to offer.”

“Pretend successful,” Todd repeated. “Is there anything that Donald Trump’s done that should be praised?”

Clinton replied, “I think he needs to release his tax returns. The only two we have show that he hasn’t paid a penny in taxes. And yet he goes around talking about ‘Make America Great.’ You know, that means paying for our military, that means paying for our roads, that means paying for the VA, that means a lot of things and if you’ve got somebody running for president who is afraid to release his tax returns because it will expose the fact that he pays no federal income tax, I think that’s a big problem.”

Clinton later said “we’ll find out” if there is anything praiseworthy about Trump “because we have to get below the hype, we have to find what the reality is.”

“You don’t feel like you know that,” Todd asked.

“I don’t think the country knows it,” Clinton retorted.

“But do you?” Todd said, hammering Clinton to get a straight answer.

“I think that we are beginning to find out and that’s why he should release his tax returns. Prove that he actually has the level of success he claims.”

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