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Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes the universe gets things precisely right: Fake news site Huffington Post announces the hiring of faux reporter Michelle Fields.”

— Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter.



Journo needs shower after ‘Morning Joe’ 

“Just watched 5 mins of Morning Joe and now I need a shower. Mika closed segment name-dropping her sister-in-law. ‘Ian’s wife. You know her.'” — Andrew Kirell, The Daily Beast, from last week.

Politico writer thinks Stu Rothenberg is being ridiculous 

“@StuPolitics quits @rollcall because he says its too obsessed with all things Trump. …I love Stu but I’m as obsessed with Trump as anyone and at this point at least it seems crazy not to be.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Female pundit has poignant complaints about healthcare system 

“Highlight of my second birth was standing in the waiting room with my water breaking while they searched paperwork. My dog is treated better.” — CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter.

Two NBA games, one player: Two kicks in the nuts 

“Draymond Green is determined to destroy Steven Adams’ nuts.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein. This is the second semi-final game in which Green kicked Adams in the downtown male region.

This headline is missing an important word: the verb

The stupid headline appeared on 

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Politico scribe loves hate mail from Hannity

“Happy to hear that @seanhannity is unhappy with our headline. Point me to his suggestion box/dumpster, please.” — Politico reporter Glenn Thrush.

Breitbart‘s Patrick Howley on whether he’d work for GotNews

DINO: “Patrick, what are the odds your next reporting gig will be for gotnews. You’d be in heaven.”

HOWLEY: “I like Gotnews. But I’ll stay at Breitbart for a while. Traffic soaring. #Winning.”

DINO: “Or maybe you won’t. Insecure people are always able to rationalize why they never look stupid.”

HOWLEY: “Chill out, bro. It’s Twitter.”

BuzzFeed Legal Editor bashes NYT story 

“And, I don’t know how a NYT story with five writers could be so woefully inadequate, but, this story is.” — BuzzFeed‘s Chris Geidner. The NYT story concerns transgender rights and the White House. The authors are: Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Julie Bosman, Manny Fernandez, and Julie Hirschfeld Davis. Matt Apuzzo also contributed to the piece. See the story here.

Geidner complains that the story is devoid of news except for a White House meeting. “The NYTT story is, essentially, a story about a WH meeting,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s a Valerie Jarrett-Chad Griffin story, which explains why it is what it is. …The NYT story also negates the Houston HERO vote to an afterthought, which is another sign that shows this was a poorly informed story. A story on trans ppl & bathrooms & gov’t that doesn’t mention the EEOC, 2014 Arcadia settlement, or Grimm case is not actually informed.”

HuffPost writer reacts to Freddie Gray decision 

“Just in: Officer found NOT GUILTY in Freddie Gray death. Gulp.” — Jennifer Bendery, White House correspondent, HuffPost.

Editor thinks Capitol Hill pubs should focus on their bread and butter 

“The point isn’t ‘news orgs shouldn’t be obsessed with Trump’ but that Hill pubs should focus on covering The Hill. (cc: @thehill)” — Commentary’s assistant editor Noah Rothman.

RedState reporter attacks Breitbart News over the weekend  

“90% of Breitbart’s front page right now is attacks on people who oppose Trump or have not adequately praised him.” —RedState‘s Ben Howe.

‘Young Turks’ host wants three-day weekends 

“Weekends are great. Our society transitioning to a well-deserved three day weekend would be greater.” — John Iadarola, host of ThinkTank and co-host of The Young Turks.