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Rocker Who Survived Muslim Terror Attack Banned From French Music Festivals For Offending Muslims

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The first rule of identity politics: In any dispute involving Muslims, the victims are always Muslims. Always, always, always.


Two French festivals have dropped Eagles of Death Metal from their bills after frontman Jesse Hughes made inflammatory remarks about Islam being responsible for last year’s terror attack during a concert by the band at The Bataclan, in which 90 people were killed.

“It’s okay to be discerning when it comes to Muslims in this day and age,” he told Taki magazine, adding that Muslims in France “[celebrated] in the streets during the attack.”

In response, organizers of two French festivals said Hughes’ remarks were irresponsible and further fanned the flames of hate.

“Fanned the flames of hate.”

This guy stood onstage at a rock show and watched three religious zealots massacre dozens of people. He watched someone get gunned down right in front of him, close enough that he later had to have pieces of human teeth and bone removed from his face. Then he told the world what happened, and why he thinks it happened.

And that “fanned the flames of hate.”

Hughes says the terrorists must have had help getting into the venue, and that he saw Muslims celebrating in the street afterward. I don’t know if he’s right or not. I wasn’t there. But neither do you. Unless you were there. Were you there?

Now these French imbeciles are punishing actual terror victims for daring to speak up about what happened to them?

This isn’t some armchair warrior, spouting off on Twitter or a dopey teabagger blog under a fake name. This is a guy who was right there when it happened. A lot of people were in that room to see him that night, and some of them were butchered by lunatics. If anybody has the right to speak his mind about what happened, it’s Jesse Hughes.

And yet he’s met with this:

“Sorry you almost got killed, and all those other people got killed, but we don’t want to get killed too!”

That’s all this is. It’s cowardice. They’re worried about another pack of pissed-off jihadis coming after them. They’re punishing this band for what was done to them and their fans.

The whole point of terrorism is to intimidate people into doing what you want. Killing innocents at random is just a tactic. Making people behave like these festival organizers are behaving, that’s the ultimate goal. You don’t need to enforce sharia law when you can terrorize your victims into enforcing it themselves.

Nique ta mère, Cabaret Vert. Manger de la merde, Rock en Seine. You miserable cowards.