SCIENCE: Efforts To Stop Frats And Sororities From Drinking, Having Fun Are Pointless

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A five-researcher study published last week concludes that attempts to reduce alcohol consumption among members of fraternities and sororities on America’s college campuses have failed dramatically.

School administrators have had about as much success with their intervention programs as they could have by not bothering to intervene at all, the study has found, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Existing alcohol intervention programs “show limited efficacy in reducing consumption and problems among fraternity and sorority members,” the study concludes. That’s academic-speak for saying the programs pretty much don’t work at all.

“More robust interventions are needed for use with student members of Greek letter organizations,” the study also suggests.

For the study, published by the American Psychological Association, the quintet of researchers sifted through 25 years of research concerning the partying habits of some 6,000 college students. The researchers examined 21 different college programs designed to intervene in the drinking lives of students.

The researchers concluded that the 21 programs basically affected nothing when it comes to fraternities and sororities. There was no meaningful difference in the drinking proclivities among Greek-affiliated students who participated in the intervention programs compared to Greek-affiliated students who did not participate.

There was also no difference in alcohol-related problems among the two groups.

“Reducing alcohol consumption and problems among fraternity members will require a different strategy relative to their college drinking peers,” Lori Scott-Sheldon, the study’s chief researcher, said, according to Inside Higher Ed. “Additional research is needed to determine the best approach to reduce alcohol misuse among members of Greek letter organizations.”

The study notes that hazing is a problem among fraternities and sororities. It also describes America’s campus Greek organizations as cesspools of “death,” “hospitalizations, disseminating inappropriate content via social media, sexual assault, racist conduct, and property damage.” (RELATED: Here Are EIGHT Campus Rape Hoaxes Eerily Like The UVA Rape Hoax)

Scott-Sheldon, the study’s lead author, is an associate professor of psychology at Brown University. The other study researchers involved in the study are Kate B. Carey, Michael P. Carey, Tyler S. Kaiser and Jennifer M. Knight.

According to Scott-Shledon’s Facebook page, she likes The Rachel Maddow Show, Michelle Obama and, of course, Coldplay. She also likes Justin Trudeau. (RELATED: Canada’s Feminist PM Drives Elbow Into Female MP While ‘Manhandling’ Opposition Leader)

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