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RNC Spokesman Goes After Politico For False Reporting

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The RNC is pushing back hard against Politico Thursday after the suburban Virginia publication published a story that the convention has signed the band Journey for summer festivities. The price tag: $750K. The RNC issued a formal press release to say that the RNC will not be paying for Journey to perform in Cleveland for its event.

So far Politico is not changing one word of its story, which states that the RNC is using $750K for a post-convention blowout starring Journey.

Subject: Politico false reports of the RNC signing the band Journey.

“Earlier today Politico falsely reported the RNC had signed the band Journey to play at an event around the convention in Cleveland. This is 100% false”, said Katie Walsh, RNC Chief of Staff.

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer reacted angrily on Twitter when a reporter joked about it.

CNN media writer Dylan Byers, formerly of Politico, wrote, “One of the fun sidebars of this campaign cycle has been @seanspicer going off on what he says are false @politico reports about the RNC.”

Spicer snapped, “You mean actually pointing facts and pesky things like that?”

Most importantly, Spicer doesn’t want people to believe Politico‘s faulty reportage.

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The Mirror sought comment from Politico spokesman Brad Dayspring, who perpetually does not respond to press inquiries. But if by some miracle he does his job and actually responds, I’ll bring his words to you.

UPDATE: Miracles happen! Dayspring replied, “The story has been updated and includes the statement by the RNC. Hope that you are well.” The Politico story says the event is sponsored by Gravatt Entertainment and still maintains that the RNC will play a role in the event. The piece states: “The RNC did not respond to a follow-up request for comment on how much it would spend on this event.” The correction reads as follows: “Correction: An earlier version of this story did not make clear that there might be multiple sponsors for the event.”