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Hillary Clinton took heat from a transgender organization that says she failed to respond to a “trans-focused” presidential candidate questionnaire.

Trans United said in a press release last week that Donald Trump and other former Republican presidential candidates who received the survey did not respond to the questions related to the topic of transgender individuals. Trans United gave Clinton a May 27 deadline, but the organization has not announced that Clinton sent the questionnaire back yet.

“No Republican candidate’s campaign responded and both the Sanders and Clinton campaign committed to complete the survey.  However, only the Sanders campaign has followed through on that commitment. Sanders’ completion of the questionnaire is a historic first,” Trans United said in a statement.

Trans United says the organization remain “disappointed and concerned by the Clinton campaign’s failure to complete the survey.”

Clinton boasted about her views and efforts on transgender issues in a National Public Radio interview in 2014.

“And when I had responsibility for the well-being of the 70,00 people or so employees around the world who worked for the State Department and USAID, I had the opportunity through executive action to recognize that there were barriers and vestiges to discrimination that had no place in a modern American workplace, and so I acted,” Clinton said.

However, Clinton’s past remarks and efforts appear to be not enough for Trans United.

“If people thought the old patterns of silent gratitude; quiet, off the record conversations and hoping for the best would be how we react to slights in this new trans rights paradigm, that would be a critical mistake. The advisory committee of TUF represents a diverse, cross section of trans people – including many of the most vulnerable,” Monica Roberts, advisory member of the TUF Presidential endorsement committee, said in a statement.

Roberts explained, “We know personally what’s on the line for us and our nation and we fervently believe it is crucial to seek a bold and unambiguous commitment to our community from all candidates that seek our support.  We believe that the Secretary is a champion on trans rights issues and are perplexed by the campaign’s reluctance to follow through and go on the record with stating that commitment.”

“We believe it’s important – not just for us – but also for our community, our allies and the people like myself who enthusiastically voted for you in the various primary contests — to have the benefit of responses from both candidates,” Roberts added.

The Daily Caller sent an inquiry to Trans United asking if Clinton responded yet and is still awaiting for the group’s response.

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