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Quote of the Day:

“You can’t tell me the media isn’t bouncing all over Golden State’s dick. You’d think they were winning in a blowout. They are losing at home.”

Joe Regazzo. executive publisher of Talking Points Memo, discussing the NBA playoffs.




“Dammit. Now @PressSec totally knows what I’m asking at the briefing.” — Yahoo!‘s Olivier Knox.

Bernie attends Warriors-Thunder game 

“Sanders attending the Warriors game on the day they cap a 3-1 series comeback is fitting metaphor for his campaign.” — Murtaza Hussain, reporter, The Intercept.

EGO ALERT: Bernie Sanders compares himself to the Golden State Warriors 

“Last week, Golden State was down three games to one. Tonight, they finished off a great comeback in California. I like comebacks.” — Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential hopeful.

Can someone please help TNR‘s senior editor? 

“Is Trump’s press conference today online anywhere?” — Jeet Heer, senior editor, The New Republic.

Reporter tries to get inside Paul Ryan’s brain 

“If you are Paul Ryan, you had to be watching that Trump presser in total, abject horror.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

Daily Mail‘s David Martosko says Trump press corps is full of ‘snappy dressers’ 

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Question of the Day…. “Who wants to chat about: Politics & the Media, Current Events in the News, Sports Topics, Celeb News & Gossip or TV/Movies?” — Twitter’s Marty Rudolf.