Richard Dreyfuss: Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump Are ‘Whores’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Richard Dreyfuss said celebrities who endorse Donald Trump are “whores.”

On Sunday night, the 68-year-old actor went on a Twitter rant and said he doesn’t blame the Republican presidential candidate’s supporters who are genuinely “struggling,” but attacked those in Hollywood who are backing him.

“The saddest people aren’t Donald Trump’s supporters,” he tweeted. “They’re really struggling. It’s Donald Trump’s celebrity supporters who are whores.”

Dreyfus said he understands the appeal of someone who isn’t politically correct.

“I get the thing about ‘off the cuff speaking,'” he tweeted. “I get it! But when that speaking is dedicated to hurting latino americans, you’re a racist.”

“The most important thing about America is that money doesn’t make you more American than anyone else. It shouldn’t. I thank a good god.”