SHOCKING: HBO Misrepresents Words Of AR-15 Inventor To Make Weapon Seem Ultra-Dangerous [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

AR-15 inventor Jim Sullivan is claiming that HBO has distorted and manipulated his words to make the famous rifle appear more dangerous than it actually is.

Sullivan was on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” last week discussing the AR-15 and the lethal nature of the 5.56 rifle round.

HBO aired the segment with the angle that Sullivan didn’t believe the weapon should be in civilian hands. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate The Second Amendment With These Gorgeous Gun-Loving Women)

The weapon’s inventor is hitting back and hard that HBO twisted his words. He wrote a piece for The Federalist explaining how his statement was manipulated. Sullivan wrote in part:

The examples I most object to are: 1) When I appear to say that the civilian-model AR-15 is just as effective or deadly as the military M16, they omitted that I had said “When firing semi-auto only” and that “the select fire M16 on full auto is of course more effective”; and 2) the interviewer pretended not to understand the relevance that, due to the Hague Convention, military bullets cannot be expanding hollow points like hunting bullets that give up all of their energy in the target body instead of passing through with minimum wound effect, with most of the energy still in the bullet and wasted.

HBO isn’t the only media outlet in hot water currently for manipulating interviews with pro-gun individuals.


Katie Couric was accused of altering an interview with several gun rights advocates so it would appear that they couldn’t sufficiently answer her questions about background checks. (RELATED: SHOCK AUDIO: Katie Couric Edited Gun Documentary To Silence Pro-Gun Opinions)

HBO has not released a statement responding to Sullivan’s claims at this time.

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