Trump: Gary Johnson Is A ‘Fringe Candidate’ [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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NEW YORK — Donald Trump took a shot at Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson Tuesday during a presser at Trump Tower.

When asked by The Daily Caller how he plans to handle Gary Johnson’s campaign as a possible spoiler, Trump dismissed Johnson saying, “Gary Johnson got 1 percent of the vote last time. I watched the whole situation.” He added, “It was disgraceful. I think he’s a fringe candidate if you want to know the truth. I look at him and I watch what he says, I think he’s a fringe candidate.”

Johnson and his running mate former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld were nominated by the Libertarian Party last weekend, beating out two other candidates.

Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, took a swipe at Trump on CNN Tuesday morning calling the New York developer’s comments about Latinos “racist.” Johnson also immediately responded on Twitter to Trump’s remarks about him.

When asked CNN’s Chris Cuomo if he is prepared for Trump’s pushback against him, Johnson responded, “I think that they’ve already started coming. So, you know, Donald,” Johnson said, blowing an air kiss to Trump.

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