Watch Gary Johnson Blow Trump A Kiss [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Libertarian presidential candidate and pot enthusiast Gary Johnson blew Donald Trump a kiss Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

After accepting the Libertarian Party nomination, Johnson said, “As a border state governor, it’s incendiary to 50 percent of population of New Mexico that [Trump is] talking about Hispanics and Mexicans in this way when the absolute opposite is true… they call him out on really what is really racist. It’s just racist.”

Host Chris Cuomo then asked Johnson about his comments saying, “Trump will say, one, being Mexican is not a race. Two, as you know, former governor Johnson, the people coming across the border illegally are often not the best that Mexico has to offer.”

“That isn’t true,” Johnson replied. “That is what is so misunderstood. The people coming across the border are people that just want jobs. The jobs are there but they can’t get the jobs.”

“But criminals as well,” Cuomo interjected.

“Absolutely. So how about making a system where by it would be easy to get a work visa, a moving line to get across the border, having a work visa, so that the people crossing the border illegally, that the Border Patrol would actually be able to identify those people as opposed to mothers with children that are actually wading across the Rio Grande because of jobs that exist and they can’t get over to take advantage of them.”

“But is Trump wrong when he says, ‘They also send the worst? Not the best. They’re rapists and murderers that come as well?'”

“No. Absolutely untrue,” Johnson replied.

Cuomo shot back with the example of the murder of Kate Steinle who was killed by an illegal immigrant is the “sanctuary” city of San Francisco. The homeless man, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, had been deported five times previously but kept coming back.

Johnson replied, “Statistics. You always have the worst. And I don’t want to in any way defend the worst, but statistically, illegal immigrants commit far less crime than U.S. citizens. That’s statistically speaking.”




“Are you ready for Donald Trump once you’re in this thing and he recognizes you, to give you a big punch in the nose for calling him a racist?” Cuomo asked.

“I think that they’ve already started coming. So, you know, Donald,” Johnson said before blowing a kiss towards the camera.

After Johnson blew the kiss, Cuomo replied, “That’s an interesting rebuttal you have there governor.”

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