Kids Use Water Guns to Put Out Porch Fire

Kelly McDonald Contributor

A group of five North Dakota boys and girls saved their neighbor’s life with water guns, local ABC affiliate WDAY-TV 6 reports.

Five young friends were playing outside on Tuesday when they noticed that a neighbor’s patio had caught on fire. Three of the children doused the blaze with their water guns; one knocked on the front door to alert the man inside, while a fifth child ran back to her apartment to alert her mother.

Terry Myogeto, 70, was the only person inside the apartment. Myogeto uses an oxygen tank and was asleep when the fire started. He only woke up because one of the children, Quinton Johnson, banged on his door until he came to answer it, according to WDAY-TV 6.

“We were probably minutes away from having a real, real serious fire,” fire chief Dan Fuller said.

“I would say they turned into little heroes,” said Myogeto, who believes a neighbor’s cigarette started the fire. The heroic youngsters have been invited to their local fire station for a pizza party and a tour.