Vicente Fox Blames The Media For Donald Trump’s Success

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Vicente Fox blamed the media for Donald Trump’s rise in popularity.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the former president of Mexico said that the way the Republican presidential candidate has succeeded reminds him what has happened in Mexico before. (RELATED: Former Mexican President Apologizes To Trump, Invites Him To Mexico)

“It’s incredible that media is so much in promotion of this person, especially Fox News, 24 hours a day,” Fox said. “The coverage is total. Nobody questions him. I think that as it used to happen in Mexico with the old system.”

“It was said that television would appoint the next president because they would back him up so much they would make him president,” he said.

“It is incredible in the United States that Fox News is the one, the real one, who is electing a president, and they have already elected Senor Trump. It’s incredible.”

Fox compared the presidential election to a circus.

“It’s a circus, a sophisticated circus, and he is playing around with people,” he added. “He is cheating people. He’s a false prophet. I am surprised that he has followers.”

Fox said Trump is nothing like Ronald Reagan.

“That’s the kind of leadership we would all like to see sitting in that presidential chair,” he said. “The kind of leadership we saw with President Reagan. He said, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.’ This stupid guy is building a wall. He says that he is much like Reagan.”

“He could never even clean the cape of Mr. Reagan, such a great president, or Kennedy or Washington or Jefferson, or all of those great leaders that have had enough sense to always combine strength, power, fairness, as well as compassion.”