Police Catch Algerian Migrant In Sweden Who Threw Man Into Oncoming Train

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Police just caught the 34-year-old Algerian who pushed a man into an oncoming train Tuesday, causing him extensive injuries.

The Algerian, who only became a Swedish citizen in 2008, is being held on suspicion of attempted murder, after camera footage in the subway showed him pushing a man right in front of an oncoming train. He was caught Wednesday evening.

Fria Tider spoke with a witness on the scene, who told the paper, “I was alerted to the location of the scream. Before that, it seemed the platform was calm and there was no indication of the quarrel or dispute.”

The witness added that the man, reportedly a 23-year-old university student, was simply standing on the platform next to his wife. After the man was pushed, his wife started to scream.

“It was a heartbreaking scene that will not be forgotten for a while,” the witness said. “Many people around were badly affected by the event, especially around the accident site. We were concerned and bewildered not knowing quite what to do.”

Although the man’s injuries are extensive, it is believed he will recover and is currently staying in Karolinska University Hospital.

The Algerian holds dual citizenship, which became possible after Sweden changed one of its laws in 2001. He already has a criminal past on the subway. Back in November, when he was high on drugs, he was charged with violently resisting security guards. He apparently decided wrestling the security guards was a good idea. Police showed up and arrested him.

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