Trump Supporter Attacked And Bloodied Outside Of San Jose Rally [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A Donald Trump supporter was attacked from behind and left bleeding after leaving a campaign rally in San Jose on Thursday.

Journalist Tim Poole was filming as a man is seen running up behind the Trump supporter and hitting him on the side of the head with an unidentified object. The victim is seen turning to look at his attacker and grabbing the side of his head, which had started bleeding.

Reporters circled the man after the attack and asked him if he had provoked the anti-Trump protesters.

“I was just walking out with my Trump sign and he grabbed my Trump sign and started following me and calling me a racist and stuff,” the man said.

Asked if he said anything when leaving the event, he said he was merely cheering the Republican.

“I was just like ‘Yeah Trump, yeah Trump,'” the man said.

He also said that his attacker had followed him out of the event and spit on him.

A crowd of apparent anti-Trump protesters are heard cheering after the attacker hit the victim.


A local ABC News reporter who also witnessed the attack said that San Jose Police officers did not “break line to assist” the man. An officer is seen checking out the victim’s injuries while reporters began questioning him.

Another Trump supporter who attended the rally — a woman — was pelted with eggs as she was swarmed by protesters.

According to CNN reporter Sara Murray, protesters cornered Trump supporters as they left the rally. The woman responded and was hit with eggs.

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