Be Bold, #NeverTrump: Just Vote For Hillary

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Terry Schilling Contributor
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The driving message of the #NeverTrump movement is Principle Before Party. According to #NeverTrump, voting for Donald Trump would ostensibly violate conservative principles, and therefore, true conservatives must discard party affiliation and vote third party. Voting third party supposedly allows one to keep his or her conscience intact, while not sharing culpability for the election of Hillary Clinton.

Of course, that idea is mathematically absurd. There is a binary choice for President, even if one abdicates that choice. Not voting for Donald Trump effectively acts as voting, or at least half-voting, for Hillary Clinton.

But why contribute to the Democrats’ cause in fractions? Why not flex your considerable principle and vote for Hillary Clinton outright?

America is going through one heck of a rough patch. Our economy is broken. Our culture is decaying. Our border is porous. And with the rise of Islamic terrorism all across the globe, our national security is in a state of crisis.

We simply cannot afford to shirk the tough decisions at hand. Waving the white flag, especially at this juncture in American politics, is cowardly at best, and treasonous at worst. Bold times call for bold measures.

So if you are truly #NeverTrump, you should also be #HillaryJustThisOnce, right?

And before you bring up an “alternative” candidate, come on. Stop trying to make third party politics happen! It’s not going to happen.

Both Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse are taking a pass at an independent run. David French — the creative, intelligent National Review writer, who, by the way, is a huge asset to the conservative movement — also decided against running. It is clear now, if it wasn’t before, that there will be no conservative, well-funded, third party alternative.

Some in the #NeverTrump movement are so desperate that they are embracing the pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. But Johnson, as palatable as he might be, is not viable. He will not win a single state, and frankly, it would be shocking if he broke 5 percent nationally.

A vote for Johnson, or any third party candidate, mathematically constitutes a half-vote for Hillary.

So if you are going to cast a half-vote for Hillary, if you are passively rooting for her election on November 8th, why not be bold and go all the way?

#NeverTrump, you have stated that Donald Trump is a grave threat to both the conservative movement and to the country. You say he will betray us all and morph into the true New York liberal that he has always been. Despite his commitment to the contrary, you assure us he will nominate liberals to the Supreme Court worse than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You say he will start unnecessary wars, raise taxes, grow government, and change the Republican Party into a nationalistic Democrat-lite Party.

You are absolutely disgusted by the man.

So admit your true allegiance. Don’t play us all for fools. We know who you want to win. Vote for Hillary.

If you truly believe Trump is a greater evil than Hillary Clinton, then by all means, be bold. Don’t be cowards. Stand up for your convictions. Vote for Hillary.

Vote for the candidate who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will appoint pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom, anti-gun Supreme Court justices. Vote for the candidate who will absolutely, without question, raise taxes and push to pass single-payer health care system. Vote for the candidate who left American soldiers and an American ambassador to die at Benghazi. Vote for Hillary.

Just do it. Be bold. Vote for Hillary.

As for me, well, there’s no debate. I would rather take a questionable ally over a certain enemy any day, which is why I will be casting my vote for Trump. I’m being bold. I’m not abdicating my civil responsibility. You should do the same.