Muhammad Ali’s Daughter: I Have Comfort In Knowing That He’s Not Suffering Anymore [VIDEO]

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila gave an emotional interview Monday with ABC’s “Good Morning America” about her recently deceased father.

“All of us kids were all at the hospital and all had the opportunity to be with him when he passed away. We all were there and that doesn’t always happen, when everybody has the opportunity to be there, so that was very nice,” Laila told Good Morning America. (VIDEO: The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74)

It was also very clear in the interview that Laila was at peace with her father’s death. “I can say that I’m obviously really sad but I’ve been sad for a long time just watching my father struggling with Parkinson’s disease. You know, you hold your head up and you say, ‘Yeah, he’s doing great,’ but, you know, I felt like he was trapped inside of his body so I have comfort in knowing that he’s not suffering anymore. So that’s what makes me feel better,” she added. (SLIDESHOW: Muhammad Ali, Through The Ages)


Ali, who is widely considered the greatest boxer to ever fight, passed away after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease on Friday night.

The fighting champion was just as famous outside of the the ring as he was in it. Ali was an outspoken Muslim, anti-Vietnam war activist and even endorsed Ronald Reagan for president. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Muhammad Ali Endorsed Reagan — ‘He’s Keeping God In Schools And That’s Enough’)

The legacy of Muhammad Ali will most certainly continue to live on throughout the ages as being one of the most influential athletes to ever live.

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