‘The Doctor Of Common Sense’ Drops A Truth Bomb On Mexican-Flag Waving Protesters

Getty Images/The Doctor Of Common Sense YouTube/Getty Images

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Conservative YouTube commentator, “The Doctor of Common Sense,” posted a recent video critiquing Mexican-flag waving protesters at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.


The Dr. argues that the reason Mexican immigrants come to America is because Mexico “is a fucking hell-hole.”

“Why is it acceptable for people who come from other damn countries to be proud of their country, but the American flag or you being proud of America is deemed as being racist?” he poses. “Have you ever seen something like this before?”

He continues with a simple follow-up: “the people… down in California, proud to be carrying that fucking flag… why’d you bring your ass over here if you’re so fucking proud of Mexico?”

“If your country is great, my question is why are you here?”

“They come over here because of our weak-ass politicians, send money back and tell us how damn proud they are of their damn country. You ran everything that has everything to do with civility in your country into the effing-ground… You come over here because our system and our country is better than your country, period.”

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