‘Game of Thrones’ Sexual Fantasies Come To Life At Bunny Ranch Brothel

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Campbell North Contributor
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“Game of Thrones” fans can now channel their inner-Tyrion at the Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Nevada. Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, a real-life Littlefinger, recently opened a “Game of Thrones”-themed sexual experience at his brothel.

Fans of the show can make their wildest “GOT” fantasies come true in the medieval dungeon, which offers all the amenities necessary to recreate some of the sexier scenes. The brothel can also incorporate the show’s kinkier, BDSM-based undercurrents into the client experience.

“The ‘Game of Thrones Experience’ is already very popular with our clients, with many appointments already booked,” said Hof.

The “Game of Thrones Experience” offers a “Walk of Shame” package, in which brothel-goers can participate in a naked parade around the Bunny Ranch property, even skirting the edges of a local motorway.

Many clients have already opted for that package, “passing motorists were doing double takes and slowing traffic, so everybody got a free show that day,” said Hof in a press release.

Inspiration for the “GOT” theme came from Hof’s personal experience watching the show.

“Every Sunday, I invite the girls to my house for a ‘Game of Throne’ watching party, and the story lines often end up carrying over into our bedroom activities. We enjoy having our own after party, and I want to share that experience with the clients of my brothels, who also happen to be fans of the show,” Hof said.

Since many of the women who work at Bunny Ranch watch the show themselves, Hof believes that they can deliver realistic role-playing to authenticate the experience.

“The girls all watch it, they are into it and each have characters they like and are really getting into the costumes. They even call me Littlefinger. It’s my nickname around here now,” said Hof.

One of the Bunny Ranch girls, known as Air Force Amy, says that a lot of their clients are posting about the experience on bunnyranch.com, trying to predict what new feature will be added to next.

“It’s very popular. I just did a photo shoot in a costume for my character, but clients can request for us to be to different characters too. We just modeled one of the rooms to look like one of the old castles, and we are getting dragons made now,” said Air Force Amy.

Hof first opened Bunny Ranch with the intention of offering not just a sexual experience, but an adventure. “We are always trying to think of the adventure just as much of the sex and find new ways to make the experience fun,” Hof said.

The “GOT” experience is just one of the many themed adventures in the Bunny Ranch repertoire. During the impeachment of Bill Clinton in the late 1990s, Bunny Ranch offered clients a presidential package, complete with “The Oral Office” and desk with a presidential shield.

“It was a fun way to do a play on the Bill Clinton thing. Another time we set up an ‘electric forest’ by painting the room black, adding florescent paint and putting a mattress inside a tent with camping chairs, stoves and called it Camp Bunny Ranch.”

“At Bunny Ranch, the sex is a given, but we bring in the adventure,” said Hof.