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“Your selfies have grown excessive. May I suggest trying sex as a way to feel good about yourself instead.”

The Federalist senior contributor Rich Cromwell, who explained to The Mirror that he was directing his message to “no one in particular. Tweet came out of a convo about people who selfie constantly, particularly past age 30.”



IN MY INBOX: These are the kind of loving sources I have in this business…

“I keep as much distance from you as possible.” — Anonymous.

CNN contributor predicts Trump will coronate Breitbart News 

“At what point does Trump ban all media outlets and name Breitbart as the only worthy chronicler of all things Trump? In the first 100 days?” — Amanda Carpenter.

Teen reporter uses pickup line at Sunglass Hut

“Pickup line I used today at the mall at @sunglasshut: ‘Woah man. These glasses were fine until I turned your way.’ I got her number.” — Teen journo CJ Pearson, whose work has appeared in HuffPost, Daily Caller and other outlets.

Journo says it shouldn’t matter that Trump dumped The Washington Post

“Trump decredentialing WPost is gross, but worth saying: the most important journalism isnt done at credentialed events. Its digging stuff up.” — David Sirota, International Business Times.

Will a Donald Trump presidency include wedgies? 

“I can’t wait for Trump to give other world leaders wedgies & swerlies at the G20.” — IJ Review’s Benny Johnson.

Hoy breaks her ankle 

“So my ankle is fractured in 3 places come sign my cast and feed me pizza while I’m high on pain meds
Special shout out to Michael Robbins for getting me to the doctor!!!” — publicist Jessica Hoy.

Reporter can’t handle Twitter turbulance 

“Thoroughly exercising that mute button today. Just to make sure it’s working.” — LAT‘s Matt Pearce over the weekend.

Co-creator of ‘Billions’ thinks political leaders not naming Islamic terror is wrong 

“I am as left wing/liberal/tolerant/atheist as can be. Interact, spend time with folks of all religions. But seems dishonest not to name this.” — Brian Koppelman, co-creator and executive producer of Showtime’s “Billions.” 

Journo considers joining the National Guard

“I am getting more&more serious about joining the Army National Guard. Days like today push me. I want 2do something. But what? Right choice?” — Robert Wargas, foreign correspondent, Catholic Herald.

Covering Orlando…

“And with this, I am signing off from this nightmarish day in the newsroom… knowing my nightmare pales.” — Amy La Porte, Aussie reporter, CNN. She posted the following from Andy Carvin, of First Look Media:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.17.06 AM

Gene Weingarten tries to be funny about Trump, but fails

“This is getting truly great, Trumpwise. There’s nothing humor writers can write that beats the news here. We bow.” — WaPo “humor” writer Gene Weingarten.

Birthday boy Ben Dreyfuss and Donald Trump have twin personalities? 

Dreyfuss is the social media engagement editor for Mother Jones. He’s a Mirror regular. This is a special tribute to Dreyfuss (son of you-know-who) on his birthday. On Monday night he tweeted: “A funny thing to do is ask people in a bar to draw photos of their fathers’ dicks.” (This quote epitomizes why The Mirror loves featuring Dreyfuss.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.05.34 AM

Barstool Sports editor Dave Portnoy despises LeBron James 

“Lebron stinks.”

“I think I may root for Kevin Love because I know he hates Lebron more than I do.”

“Give Bron Bron credit. He knew if he bitched enough about Draymond Green and got him suspended he’d have 1 game where he could play well.”

“I award Lebron James zero credit for tonight. He had to bitch and moan to get Draymond suspended who owns him. #sad.”