Black Teen Trump Supporter EVISCERATES BLM Activist With Facts, Logic [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Alex Jones uploaded a video on Wednesday showing a group of teenagers calmly using facts to shut down arguments made by an angry Black Lives Matter supporter in Atlanta.


The Black Lives Matter supporter tells one of the teenagers he is a “disgrace to America” for being a young black man who supports someone who wants to “send [him] back to Africa.”

The grown man then asks the teenager what his parents think about him supporting a known “racist.”

“They’re Trump supporters,” the teen responds.

“Well they’re a disgrace then too,” retorts the BLM supporter.

The older man — wearing a BLM shirt and a rainbow pin — then asks the teens why they would support Trump, when his own wife is illegal.

“She’s not legal,” he states. “She’s from Europe.”

The teenagers then point out that “just because she was born in another country does not mean she has illegal citizenship.”

“There’s a way to legally immigrate,” one girl explains. “Do you not know that?”

The video ends with the Black Lives Matter supporter repeatedly calling Trump a racist but declining to answer the kids’ request to list one way Trump’s racism manifests.

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