Clinton Backs Off Trump Attacks In New Ad Campaign [VIDEO]

Phillip Stucky | Political Reporter

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton shifted from her earlier attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump to a positive message in a recent ad buy.

Clinton is set to air a series of ads focusing on her work with children through the years. The ads, which are 30 seconds and a minute in length, will air in eight states the campaign has declared battleground states. Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia are all states that will be targeted Thursday in a $7.8 million ad buy.




Clinton aides told reporters the main reason people don’t like Clinton is because they are unfamiliar with her actual history. Explaining away the Democratic nominee’s high negative poll numbers as “misperceptions about her past.” This recent ad buy which will run continuously through July.

Democrats running for the House and Senate are slowly stepping out of the way, with the expectation Republicans will implode with little help from their challengers to the left. Directly, Clinton’s latest push is reminiscent of former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s early primary strategy of indirect confrontation. Cruz shied away from direct confrontation, instead hoping that juxtaposing Trump’s speeches with Cruz’s own carefully prepared speeches would encourage Trump supporters to eventually cross over and “come together.”

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