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Happy Hump Day!


To start us off… here is a piece from Salon by Sophie A. McClennen discussing the myriad ways in which the media has failed to do its job covering the presidential election this year. McClennen examines the coverage of Donald Trump‘s bid for president and how the media contributed to his success as a candidate. She links to this study from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government that claimed “the volume and tone of the coverage helped propel Trump to the top of Republican polls.” Why You Should Read It: Even though Salon is hardly a model of unbiased media, McClennan’s piece is well-written and speaks to an issue that transcends bias.

On the same note… CNN is claiming that The Donald might be lifting his press ban on a few outlets that his campaign revoked credentials for. He’s faced a lot of backlash and been accused of barring reporter’s rights of free press in the wake of the bans. Read It If You Want To.

A quick read… comes from Page Six of the New York Post discussing who made – and who didn’t make the Hollywood Reporter‘s list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment. Read It If You Want To.

We are… Sending our best wishes to Fox’s Neil Cavuto as he takes an extended leave of absence to recover from open-heart surgery. Get well soon, Neil!

Perennial former host of The View Rosie O’Donnell — a professional Trump hater — has apparently kissed and made up with her family following their nasty fallout last year.

One last thing… from Greta Van Susteren, who decided she liked “National Selfie Day” when she saw a picture of a dog. Same, Greta. Same.