Lagniappe: Sit-ins And Supreme Court Stalemates

REUTERS/ U.S. Rep. David Cicilline/Handout

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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1. “House Democrats’ sit-in lasted 26 hours. House Republicans held one that lasted 35 days”

2.  Former Trump campaign manager Lewandowski joins CNN as a political commentator

3.  Trump hints at a Vice President short list 

4.  Libertarian party fails to provide “an alternative for wayward conservative voters”

5.  Supreme Court upholds affirmative action and “race-conscious admissions program” at the University of Texas

6.  Ben Terris for The Washington Post: “As the GOP’s anti-Trump, Ben Sasse picked a big fight. What would it mean to win?”

7.  Why Trump’s trip to Scotland is a big mistake

8.  Ben White finds that “Wall Street is breathlessly on edge” over Brexit vote

9.  After a meeting with religious leaders, “once again, Donald Trump has created or exposed serious flaws in the conservative world

10. “Rand kicks off 2016 Presidential Election Survey

11. Solar-powered plane completes unprecedented 3-day flight across the Atlantic

12. Pete Williams: “Supreme Court tie dooms Obama immigration policy

13. Paul Ryan’s health care plan deserves national support

14. Great podcast discussion on the “folly of dumping Trump” and “awakening to the realities of Palinism” on Primary Concerns

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