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“@BenSasse rubs Vaseline on his nipples, listens 2 @mattklewis podcast. It’s how I prepare to listen to Lewis too.”

Napp Nazworth, Christian Post.




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Capitol Hill reporter weighs in on Breitbart hit piece on Politico

“May we all one day report well enough to warrant an *insane* hit-piece in Brietbart.” — Alex Roarty, Roll Call. He’s referencing Breitbart News editor Matthew Boyle‘s tome on Politico reporters who he says are biased against his candidate/daddy Donald Trump. Read Boyle’s story here.

MTV reporter makes fun of Bill Weld’s outfit

“Bill Weld’s town hall outfit will suffer no regulation; the government can’t tell you not to mix pinstripes, diagonal stripes, and checks.” — MTV political reporter Jaime Fuller.

Bill Kristol makes fun of the Democrats’ sit-in 

“Liberals in a frenzy of frivolous but grandiose and self-congratulatory moralism are a spectacle to behold.” — The Weekly Standard‘s editor-in-chief Bill Kristol.

Speaking of that sit-in…

“Democratic sit-in on House floor is petering out: A member is quoting Shakespeare and there are now more tourists on floor than members.” — Matt Laslo, Capitol Hill freelancer, adjunct prof.

The Braggart: Incoming Politico Playbook writer boasts about his outlet’s reporting 

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Snide commentary from the House floor 

“From a Republican colleague of mine as he walked off the floor: ‘We’re going to have a drink and a cigar. Enjoy your protest.’ Really.” — Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.).

And a reply: “Name names! (We need to know who to send our donations to.)” — Washington Free Beacon Executive Editor Sonny Bunch.

CBS’ Will Rahn is going through rough times

“Tough out there for a civil libertarian these days.” — CBS’ Will Rahn.

Who knew David Martosko could be so funny in Scotland?  

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Daily Caller intern Georgia Williams contributed to this report.