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The House Democrats Make History By Doing Something Historic, Historically

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If you know your history, you know that the word “historic” can mean pretty much anything. Technically, every single thing that happens, every second of every day, is part of history. Yet liberals love to hyperventilate about how “historic” something is, as long as it’s something that helps them further their agenda. You can’t spell “histrionic” without H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C.

Speaking of history: Less than two weeks ago, a Democrat named Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded dozens of others because he thought Allah wanted him to. “I did it for ISIS,” he told anyone who would listen. So naturally, this week the House Democrats responded to this act of Islamic terrorism by speaking out against your 2nd Amendment rights. And their PR flacks couldn’t get enough of it.

Video courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

I hope Luke Russert took Rachel Maddow’s advice and remembered to hydrate. Nobody likes the feel of chapped lips!

And now, after vowing #NoBillNoBreak, the Democrats have no bill and… it looks like they took that break after all. Oh well. Cool hashtag, at least!