Napolitano: Benghazi Report Shows Hillary’s ‘Persistent Capacity For Lying’ [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Judge Andrew Napolitano says that one of the truths that the Benghazi Committee reveals is that Hillary Clinton has a “persistent capacity for lying.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, Napolitano argued, “The purpose of the [Benghazi] Committee was not to honor the dead. We all honor the dead. The purpose of the committee was to get to the truth.” (RELATED: Mother Of Benghazi Victim: Hillary Is ‘A Proven Liar’ [VIDEO])


“The Committee didn’t get to all the truth but it got to a truth that the American public needs to know about: Hillary Clinton’s regular, consistent, systematic, persistent capacity for lying.” (RELATED: Emails: Susan Rice Was ‘Off The Reservation’ For Blaming Benghazi Attacks On YouTube Video)


Napolitano says that Clinton “perpetrated the myth” that the cause of the Benghazi attack was a video when in fact it was a coordinated terrorist attack.

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