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Another Concealed Carrier Acts Within His Rights, Saves Life


Abbey Shockley Contributor
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A 29-year-old with a concealed carry license fought back against four armed robbers early Thursday morning in Detroit.

Officer Shanelle Williams told The Detroit News that the victim, an off-duty security guard, was approached around 2 a.m. by four African American males in their 20s and held at gunpoint. He was repeatedly hit over the head with a baton when he did not hand over his belongings fast enough.

As someone who is licensed to carry and conceal a handgun, the victim was able to protect himself by discharging his weapon and injuring at least one of the attackers.

The 21-year-old injured robber was arrested and is in serious condition at a nearby hospital. The other three attackers took off on foot after shots were fired. Williams said that the security guard will likely not face charges, but the investigation is on-going.

This incident comes days after another man with a concealed carry permit stopped a nightclub shooter in South Carolina.